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Air Cadets is a military supported and funded program, a program that teaches technical skills, and social/professional development to our youth, the leaders of tomorrow.

The local Squadron Sponsoring Committee is a group of adults who are responsible for arranging space, managing the little details of cadet activities, and raising money for the “extras” not funded by the military, such as social and recreational activities, and recognition awards.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee currently has a very small team due to the departure of several members, including one who moved up to the Provincial Committee and others who have moved away.

During the pandemic, things have been relatively quiet, and expenses, such as rent of school facilities, low.  That will change quickly and drastically once the air cadet program comes back to life, hopefully by the New Year, if not sooner.  We will need not only to sign new rent agreements, probably at higher cost due to increased sanitizing/cleaning, but also to advertise and recruit for new participants.  For that we need to build the Squadron Sponsoring Committee back up, perhaps make it even bigger and better.

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee would like to attract new members who are dedicated to supporting youth, are willing to work cooperatively in managing the details of the local air cadet activities, and last but not least, to generate ideas for fundraising in the community.  Not unexpectedly, candidates for the committee must also have a police check, reference checks, and an interview.

You can visit and click on “Squadron News” to get more information and see stories of past activities.  If you have even a little bit of interest in helping the Bradford Air Cadets, why not contact the local Squadron Sponsoring Committee?  More detail will happily be provided, and you can see if joining it might be the perfect way to get back into the swing of things as pandemic restrictions subside, and also do something positive for youth and your community.  Telephone or e-mail Ron Lock at 289-264-9355,

Bradford Air Cadets Fundraising

Air Cadet Cash Lottery 2022

Support our local Air Cadets. Purchase your 2022 Annual Lottery Ticket now! 

Here is a link to our local 37 Air Cadet Squadron Lottery Sales page.


February 2020 Fundraiser

Meat Pies
Vet's 100 Birthday Card campaign
While you are ordering your pies, please be so kind as to prep and send a Happy 100th Birthday to this centenarian Vet 


Bradford Air Cadet Squadron is having their very first fundraiser with Burton Meats.  Timelines are tight though, as orders need to be in before March 21st!!!
Please see the list above for meat offered and pricingPaper order forms can be found at the Legion. 
Please make cheques payable to the “Orville Hand 37 Air Cadet Squadron” and leave cheque and order form at the Legion for submission.
Thank you in advance for supporting our Air Cadets!